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    IMA PLUS "MT4"

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    Are you tried of studying confusing technical analysis that seems to take all your time while NOT giving you the trading advantage you want?

    Our user friendly indicators for Tradingview and Metatrader4 are very easy to use and highly reliable. You get the proven accuracy and actionable information you need to make winning trades far more often.

    Easy to use, very accurate, keeps you on top of financial markets 24/7 with specific indicators to help you succeed.

    This is the EASY way to trade. Enjoy the same technical analysis tools used by top professional traders to increase profits while greatly reducing risk.

    * High Accuracy with 70% WIN rate

    Instantly improve your profits without all the mistakes. Lets you trade with numbers, eliminating emotions that limit wins and lead to losses. 

    * Easy to Use

    Our technical analysis products are very easy to use, even for beginners. You will find them clear and intuitive. Quickly get the indicators you need without all the work, confusion, and errors.

    * Adapts to Your Trading Strategy

     Whether your approach is conservative and cautious or aggressive with higher risk, our technical analysis tools adapt to give you a custom experience.

    Works Smoothly With Tradingview & Metatrader 4

    Get immediate access to these top platforms when you become a MT4 Advisor member. Receive instant notification of valuable trading opportunities sent direct to your phone, computer, or email.

    Get started now!

     Place your order for the tools of your choice. This is your pathway to more successful trading without all the confusion and wasted time. We make trading fun!

    Product Description:

    A new variation of indicator that has the feature of long and short signal generation along with alert feature and horizontal lines indicating market key reversal points.

    Multiple complex indicators and strategies calculation merged in one indicator prove by working versatile covering every major financial market like stocks, index, forex, commodities, crypto currency, etc.

    The indicator has support and resistance lines indicating market key turning points, but that can also be used as a takeprofit or stoploss potential area/zone while making trading decisions.

    IMA PLUS is advanced and upgraded version of IMA indicator with much new and effective function.

    It now automatically generates support and resistance, also shows you takeprofit and stoploss levels which most of traders need at the most.

    IMA PLUS is equipped with a unique trading algorithm that will provide highly accurate buy and sell signals.

    Trend power detection:
    IMA PLUS will remove any doubts you may have about entering the trade.

    Alerts feature:

    A smart notification system that works in three ways will alert you about every signal so that you will never miss the chance to get profit.

    Trading modes:
    In order to fit personal trading style IMA PLUS makes it possible to change the accuracy of the signals.

    100% no repaint.
    IMA PLUS never repaints. Yes, you heard it right, you will never have to worry about signal changing after you’ve taken the trade.

    Product Features:

    • Scaling indicator
    • Available in and Metatrder 4
    • More than 80% winning rate 
    • All timeframes
    • All currency pairs
    • Life time access
    • Buy/sell signal
    • Free update
    • Free Ebook
    • Works as trailing stop
    • Clarifies the market trend
    • Alert feature
    • 100% no preprint!
    • Support 24/7
    • Email us about any question you have

     How it works in MetaTrader4 ?

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