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    How it works?

    • We offer products such as indicators, trading bots, EA robots, and the best tools for analyzing your chart. We can also offer trading bots for making crucial trades based on the trading strategy you would like to use.
    • By purchasing the product you can start accessing our trading tools immediately both in Tradingview and Metatrader4. Once the payment is done we give you access in TradingView. You can check the video below to understand how this process works.
    • The indicators we have do not trade for you on autopilot, the tools are there to help you recognise signals within the market and the order will have to be done by yourself.
    • We have monthly updates for all our indicators, add new features and make them better and faster. By purchasing our indicator you will receive  a lifetime update automatically in your Tradingview account. Also for those who use Metatrader4 we send the new version automatically by email, so you can enjoy the new features added to the updated version.
    • Fast trading tools can mean the difference of earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars when you buy or sell a particular asset. As the market can crash or rise quickly, getting or selling an asset at a good rate will help you maintain your portfolio.
    • We highly recommend having your own money management plan so that you can keep your portfolio secure. Please keep in mind that having stop loss is a must in trading. We will explain extra info in our future video series, our educational resources and more.
    • Enjoy your trading journey.

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