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    This agreement includes a determination of the liabilities and rights under the law of protection of consumers. Distance contracts and regulations with regard to the delivery and sale of services are offered at their set sales prices and under the characteristics as mentioned in the agreement with goods placed by the buyer of a website owned by the seller of the service. 

    The buyer agrees that if warrant is formed by the seller and aware of the seller's information and asked by official authorities to submit information based on complaints, this action will take place. If there are objections raised to the goods and services subjected to the sale and write or withdrawal of services, the provisions of the agreement will be met and the issuer of services can offer a refund where applicable. 

    Preliminary information for the service will be submitted through electronic media and processed by the issuer. The buyer and service provider are integrated as part of this ongoing contract after subscription.


    Payment, delivery, product and subject of the agreement:

    The terms of payment, type of service, sale price, Shipman and Courier fee, terms of payment and more are as follows on the day the subscription takes place. Person who is billed is going to have access to the contract and subscription service over a lifetime and the information that they submit for their account needs to be completed with accuracy. There is indemnity for losses and damages caused by submitting the wrong information and not upholding the responsibilities of the buyer accordingly. 

    As a seller, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate accounts when we deem it necessary and if the information submitted by the buyer does not match up with verified info. If there’s a problem reaching the buyer by phone or email, the seller reserves the right to cancel and close an account within 15 days of expected contact. If the buyer does not respond during this time, the seller will cancel the subscription service and work to prevent maintenance and images on either side.



    Contract date:

    The contract date occurs on the date of the order placed by the buyer. Natural disruptions to services such as acts of war, terrorist acts, strike, lockout, breakdown of communication facilities for technical disruptions are cited as reasons beyond the control of parties that could not have been anticipated at the time of agreement. If there is a prevention or delay in the service that makes it impossible for the parties to fill their obligation, this is considered a force majeure event. If the seller issues a notice in writing to all applicable parties, the service and resources will be suspended throughout the period of the event as outlined by the seller. 

    The obligations and rights of the seller:

    The seller acknowledges their undertaking to fulfill the obligations in the agreement apart from circumstances of the force majeure and in accordance with law for the protection of consumers and provisions on the basis of distance contracts. 

    No one under the age of 18 is permitted to shop for the service or registered. The seller will base the age of the account on the birthday that is used with account registration. The seller will not be held liable if the buyer submits false information to register for an account.

    The website is not to be held liable for errors as it relates to promotions, pricing or offers on the internet designed to subvert the service or offer fraudulent versions of the service. A system failure will not be cited as a reason to open up a claim against the seller. 

    You may use several forms of payment in order to shop online and sign up for We offer payment via credit card, bank transfer, electronic funds transfer and more. Contact our customer service for more information.



    Your rights and obligations as a buyer: 

    The buyer acknowledges that they will undertake and fulfill their obligations are subject to the agreement except in circumstances of the force Majeure.

    By submitting an order you’d know that you will undertake the provisions of this agreement as well as make prompt payment through a specified payment arrangement in this agreement. The buyer also declares and agrees that the information submitted for account creation including name, title, address, telephone, contact information and the characteristics of the services are all necessary as preliminary information to create an account. This information needs to be submitted accurately and may also be used by official authorities if a complaint is submitted against the buyer. All services and goods are subject to the right of withdrawal if the confirmed primary information is fraudulent. The buyer declares that they have read information on Assistant Bots related to shipping returns and the terms of service for the service. If the buyer is interested in accessing a refund, they agree that they will return the product based off of a proven level of misrepresentation by the seller. The original invoice needs to be presented and evidence that the buyer was not granted the resources that were available as the service was described.



    Payment procedure and order:

    - The ordering process:

    The buyer confirms the total price including taxes at the time of purchase. Payment needs to be processed by a relevant bank and any disruption or problems that arise in the process of payment need to be indicated by the buyer in order to access the service. The buyer will be requested to check on banking payment if necessary and if an order is putting the process and delayed, necessary payment needs to be filed before a buyer can access the service. If a seller is unable to supply the service or product as a result of technical problems, the buyer needs to be clearly informed of the situation. The parties can wait until conditions blocking the delivery can be solved or the order can be canceled by the seller or buyer within a set period of time. 

    If there is a case that an ordered product becomes impossible to deliver, all payments will be paid back to the buyer and the documents and liability will be returned in 10 days at most with the contract canceled. The buyer will not have any right to claim emotional or financial damage against the seller.




    Payment needs to be completed via a cash transfer electronic funds transfer or bank transfer. Data will be kept secure throughout the transfer of funds and the buyer is required to provide accurate names and data on the bill. If a bank or financial institution refuses to pay the seller because of an illegal usage of the credit card or unauthorized use, the buyer can accept and pay by credit card. The process of initiating payment will begin with the scope of the credit card contract signed between the bank and the buyer with a series of legislation provisions. 



    Delivery of the service needs to begin after the buyer has initiated payment and based off of the agreement between buyer and seller. The seller agrees to submit the buyer to the service within 72 hours of the order confirmation. The seller can extend opening the service by five days by notifying the buyer with a written document. 

    If any product is not delivered in the agreed-upon time the buyer can inform the customer service page to learn more about how the service can be delivered or what information may be missing. Reaching out when there is no delivery of the subscription service falls on the responsibility of the buyer and a report needs to be opened up immediately with customer service to get your case resolved.



    Product refund:

    The buyer will have the right to request a refund for the product within seven days of activation on their subscription. In order to receive a refund a buyer will be required to send in a copy of the two bill pages as well as a summary of where the services dissatisfied them. By completing the empty space at the bottom of the return section and signing it, the buyer can submit their intent for a return and receive their refund with a closing of the subscription account. 

    If the product was purchased mistakenly or on a users credit card as a result of fraud, the seven-day return. Also stands. The cut off of the subscription will be done by the seller and the return is accepted once the payment is back to the credit card, bank or product. The credit card refund procedure is arranged on a bank-based system and the same instalment of funds requested by the seller will be added back into the buyer's account. 

    What a refund has been initiated and based off of payment concerns, the seller will perform transactions related to the end of the subscription. Seller is obligated to pay any related cash or funds back into the account of the buyer and in accordance to the earlier procedure.




    Any data related to customer credit cards will not be retained. Information is only safely transmitted to the bank and provisions are included to delete items from the system without provisions. Information that you provided including your mail address, phone number, e-mail address and more will not be shared with a third party and it will be included in the standard product delivery for any informing procedures. The seller will only be responsible for revealing this information in case of an administrative obligation. All data will be removed from the system unless information is being collected for campaigns and promotions made by the system only after having approval from the customer. 

    Courts and enforcement dispute:

    In the instance that there is a dispute during the implementation of the contract, arbitration committees and representatives from consumer courts are authorized to access information as required.