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    MT4 Advisor is a powerful trading indicator system that monitors the financial markets 24/7. We've developed an advanced trading indicator that aims to encourage you to hold winning positions and take profit at the best times - the two most hard things for a trader to do consistently.

    Boost profit & cut losses

    To increase chances of being a profitable trader you need a system that cancels out the noise and encourages you to enter and exit positions unemotionally. Trading market is unique in terms of distinct features, therefore traders could both gain profits or incur losses as the market changes.

    Most downloaded indicator 2020

    Trading is not a complete package if there is no indicator. Indicators are mathematical calculations which can help a trader to identify certain signals and trend within the market. IMA suitable for pro trader helping them analysing any chart to a simple buy and sell signals perfect for both pros and beginners who just started their trading journey. All been designed based on years of experience in trading and various backtesting we have discovered the best indicator for you.

    Successful traders are the ones who use the proper tools

    Please note that our products are not trading machine systems and they don't trade automatically for you. They will give you only signals and placing orders must be done by yourself. You can reach the desired profit once you know when to place orders and close them. Download and test them by yourself. Be amazed by the results.

    High accuracy

    More than 70% winning rate and suitable with any timeframe and currency pair. You can reach the desired profit once you know when to place orders and close them.

    Tradingview & Metatrader 4 version

    Buy purchasing our indicator you will have access to its both Metatrader 4 & versions. There is no need to worry about a missed trade ever again. And its up to you to decide whther to trade the signal or not.

    Non repaint

    100% non repaint and has sensitivity option that help to adjust the signals based on your trading strategies. Most powerful Metatrader 4 & Tradingview tool yet.

    Remote Notifications

    IMA monitors market 24/7. Intelligent MT4 Advisor will notify you of new potential trading opportunities in the financial markets trough your mobile app or email notifications.

    Simple & useful

    IMA makes advanced trading as easy as ABC; with IMA the important remarks are available at your fingertips at the earliest released point.

    MT4 ADVISOR Company Featured In

    Mt4 Advisor is pleased and honoured to announce that well-known platforms featured our trading tools in their articles.